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New Boiler Installation


   Nobody wants to overspend when it comes to fitting their boilers, and if you are not too careful, you might end up paying way more than it's worth.

   Whether you need an emergency swap, or you plan to replace it with a more efficient one, install it in a different location,  switch to a different type of boiler, or need to design and install a new system.
Talk to us for advice, recommendation, guidance, and professional opinion.
With the massive number of brands and types of Boilers available on the market, it can be hard to zero in on the most suitable Boiler.

     At Fenix Services, we provide a wide range of  Boilers installation to suit different budgets and requirements,
such as:


We are also able to supply many other central heating products upon request:

Top Sale - Boiler Bundles

 1.- Alpha EVOKE Boilers
2.- Alpha E-Tec Plus boilers
3.- Baxi 800 Range boilers


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