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  Like4Like Boiler Swap VF 

It is a straight boiler replacement, e.g. combi for a combi, in the same location as the existing one, and we presume you already have the following:

  • Adequate roof access for Vertical Flue

  • Adequate size of  Natural Gas feed

  • Existing condensing pipe.

  • The system meets Boiler Plusrequirements.


If any of the above is missing, undersized, or outdated, we reserve the right to estimate or charge separately for any extras and upgrades.


As it's compulsory to meet BS 7593:2019 requirements, a chemical flush of the heating system is part of the installation.

After installation, the new boiler will be notified to Building Control Body and the warranty registered with the manufacturer.

The customer should receive Building Regulations Compliance and Warranty confirmation Letter up to 4 weeks from registration.

Extras available upon request:


  • Magnetic Filter

  • Wireless thermostat/timer

  • Wireless internet-enabled thermostats/timer

  • Limescale Inhibitor

  • Hot Water cylinder Upgrade

  • Power flushing

  • Radiator replacement

Boiler Swap Vertical Flue
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