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Fenix Services TD LTD

is the Official Partner 


Main Eco Compact 30 Combi Swap - 5Y/W

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 1,974.59 British pounds

Service Description

The offer applies to the Main Eco Compact 30 Combi Boiler only! This offer is for a straight swap which will go into the same position as your existing Natural Gas boiler. Presuming you meet BOILER Plus* requirements and already have the following: – Horizontal flue – Adequate Natural Gas feed – Existing condensing pipe. Main Eco Compact 30 Combi Swap offer comes with the following as a standard: - Main Eco Compact 30 Combi Boiler, 5 years warranty - Standard Horizontal Flue - Magnetic filter - OpenTherm Programmable Thermostat - Limescale Inhibitor - Filling Loop - Chemical flushing, If you’re unsure what type of Boiler you got, no problem at all !!! Just follow two single steps: Step 1. – At your convenience, please forward us pictures of your existing boiler and Setup via Messenger, WhatsApp 07784176578 or e-mail: Step 2. – We provide you with our expert advice on what is suitable for your specific requirements. For a Conventional or a Traditional system with a Cylinder (or similar). We can upgrade your system to increase its efficiency and decrease running costs by up to 47%. Costs depend on job difficulty and must be estimated individually. All Installations will be carried out by our Gas-Safe Engineer, Approved Installers by the H.S.E. All Installations come with Gas safety certificates and Registration with Gas Safe Building Regulations Notified.

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