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Thermal Imaging Surveys


   Excessive energy consumption is the main reason why homeowners waste energy, where it costs them money.


Why is my house cold? 
Why am I paying higher bills?
Could I lower my bills?

Excessive energy consumption due to a clogged central heating system (e.g. radiators, underfloor heating, pump or heat exchanger) unbalanced radiators or broken radiator valves is the main reason why homeowners waste energy, where it costs them money.

Thermal imaging, in our opinion, is the most effective method of inspecting a central heating system. Thanks to it, we can answer the above questions and, most importantly, provide a solution.

Thermal imaging is commonly used for the following applications:
- Locating hidden CH & W pipework;
- Locating leakage from hidden pipework;
- Excessive energy usage due a clogged, unbalanced, broken or damaged heating components/appliances;
- Underfloor heating system inspections;
- Determine if the system requires flushing and, if so, which method, chemical only or power flushing.

How it's working?


1. You will book a convenient date for a visit at home - most often it is from October to April (but it is not a rule).
2. Upon arrival, we will discuss in detail any problems or suspicions related to heat loss or ineffectiveness and all your expectations.
3. We will conduct a full survey as standard.

How long does the survey take?

This depends to some extent on the size of your home, but also on how much you want to get involved. We strongly encourage you to follow us in the survey - we will both learn more in the process, which will ultimately help us help. We suggest you wait at least 1 hour and up to 2 hours if you have lots of questions and / or a large property.

What will you receive?

Usually within 7-14 days you will receive a thermal imaging report in PDF format containing copies of the photos taken and our interpretation of their indications.

Full written recommendations for remedial work are available for an additional £75.

You may be interested in the fact that most of our clients combine thermal imaging survey with detailed verification of central heating installations, which includes
- checking the accuracy of the boiler and the radiators sizing;  
- checking the energy efficiency of the system controllers; 

Heating Inspection with Thermal Imaging Camera
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