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Fenix Services TD LTD

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Heat Loss Calculation (PE)

  • 3 hr
  • 299.98 British pounds

Service Description

What is it, and why do you need it? Heat loss calculation is a scientific method to determine how much heat your home loses and where it's lost from. By accurately calculating your home's heat loss, you can then design and install a heating system that is ideally suited to suit your home's heating needs. What is included: - Up to 3* hours on-site Survey (3-4 Bedroom House); - Room-by-room heat loss calculation PDF report*; - up to one-hour meeting to explain the data on the report briefly *) an additional hourly rate of £75 will be charged for larger dwellings where the survey will take longer. **)Usually, within 7-14 days, you will receive a report in PDF format. The file contains copies of the domestic heating sizing method worksheet and a realistic estimate of the dwelling's heating demand. So the boiler or other heat generator can be sized correctly. And for every room separately so that the radiators or other heat sources can be sized correctly.

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