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What is it, and what does it do?

CH is a system that delivers warmth throughout a building, evenly distributing heat through the heat emitters to every room from a central heating source. Additionally, it can also be used to heat domestic hot water if desired.

No one wants to overpay when it comes to heating installation, and if you're not careful, you could end up paying much more than it's worth.   With many brands and products on the market, choosing the most suitable heating system can be difficult. Our team will happily help you design an efficient system and select components that meet the requirements.

We provide a comprehensive array of services, encompassing design, installation, maintenance, and service, tailored to diverse budgets and needs. With extensive experience, we specialize in working with various heat sources and heat emitters, ensuring your comfort.

  • Gas Boilers

  • Air source Heat-pumps

  • Wood Burners with Water Jacket

  • Solar Thermal Systems

  • All Type Radiators

  • Wet Underfloor Heating

  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Call us today to find out how Fenix Services can help you!

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