Alpha E-Tec Plus With 13 years warranty
 Gas Boilers


  Your boiler is an essential appliance every day of the year so when it fails, it can impact you and your family in many ways.

  So whether you need us to provide boiler emergency repair, routine servicing or a new boiler installed, we can give you a free quote and get you back in that nice warm shower and your radiators on in no time...

  Competitive rate of just £ 47.50 for the first hour, and 96% of the time it's diagnosed and sometimes even repaired within an hour. If we can't fix it within the hour, we'll cut the rate down to
£ 37.50 per hour.
If it turns out that any parts need replacing, you’ll only be charged the RRP on top of the hourly rate.

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  We are proud of our reputation for delivering efficient and effective boiler service.

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  This offer is for a straight swap that will go into the same position as your existing Natural Gas Boiler... read more

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