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Understanding Your Gas Boiler: Boiler Installation, Boiler Repair,  and Boiler Maintenance

Gas boilers stand as the predominant heating source in the UK, although not all residences are connected to the national gas grid. Operating within a wet system, these boilers heat water circulated throughout the house via heat emitters. Additionally, they can be utilized for heating domestic hot water if desired.

Your boiler plays a crucial role every day, ensuring comfort in your home. When it faces issues, it can significantly impact your family. We specialize in comprehensive gas boiler services, covering installation, repair, and maintenance, catering to diverse needs and budgets.

Types of Gas Boilers Commonly Used:


  1. Combi Boilers (Combination Boilers):

  2. System Boilers:

  3. Conventional Boilers (Regular Boilers):

Boiler Types

Boiler Installation Considerations:

When it comes to heating installation, cost-effectiveness is key. With numerous brands and products available, selecting the most suitable heating system can be challenging. Our team assists in designing efficient systems and choosing components that meet your requirements.

Proper sizing is essential for achieving optimal efficiency, prolonged life, and lower bills.
An appropriately sized boiler ensures it can meet a property's space heating and hot water needs.

Oversized boilers may result in cycling issues, reduced efficiency, and premature wear.

Undersized boilers may struggle to heat homes adequately, especially in winter, or provide sufficient hot water during peak demand.

Our Services Include:

  • Like 4 Like Boiler Swap with Horizontal Flue

  • Like 4 Like Boiler Swap with Vertical Flue

  • Boiler Efficiency Improvement

  • Changing Boiler Location

  • New Type Boiler and System Conversion

  • New Heating Design and Boiler Sizing

We also offer various central heating products upon request:

  • Magnetic Filter

  • Central Heating Treatments

  • Wireless Thermostat/Timer

  • Smart Thermostats/Timer

  • Limescale Inhibitors

  • Hot Water Cylinders

  • Zone Valves

  • New Radiator & TRV's

Contact Fenix Services today to discover how we can assist you with all your gas boiler needs!

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