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Demystifying Boiler Plus:

A Guide to Understanding the New Scheme

From April 2018, a new mandatory Boiler Plus scheme applies whenever a new gas boiler is installed in an existing central heating system in England.

Boiler Plus is additional to legislation already published in Part L of the Building Regulations and applies to England only.

The additional policy means:

  • all gas boilers replaced in existing buildings must be at least 92% efficient under the ErP European rating system

  • a boiler interlock, time control, and temperature control must either be already present or be installed and in working order

  • gas combi boiler replacement will require (at least) one additional measure out of the following 4 options(1) flue gas heat recovery system (FGHR)(2) weather compensation(3) load compensation(4) smart thermostat with automation and optimisation

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