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Like4Like Boiler Swap with Horizontal Flue

from £1973.99

It is a simple replacement of the boiler, e.g. combi for combi, in the exact location as the existing one. We also expect that you already have the following:

  • Adequate Cutout for horizontal Flue

  • Adequate size of  Natural Gas feed

  • The existing condensate discharge pipe.

  • The controller meets Boiler Plus requirements.


If any of the above is missing, undersized, or outdated, we reserve the right to estimate or charge separately for any extras and upgrades.

The Boiler pack Includes:


  • A boiler of your choice.

  • Standard Horizontal Flue.

  • System Cleaner.

  • System Inhibitor.

  • Magnetic Filter.

  • Limescale Inhibitor (combi boiler).

  • Filling Loop

The replacement includes:

  • A boiler Pack Supply. 

  • Gas tightness test before work commences and at the end.

  • Chemical flush of your home's existing pipework and radiators.

  • Decommissioning/removing an old boiler.

  • Installation of a new boiler, keeping it in the same location

  • Installation of the required Flue, including any extensions, elbows or other accessories needed.

  • All required alterations to pipework and fixings.

  • Magnetic boiler filter installation.

  • Chemical inhibitor treatment to protect your central heating system.

  • Demonstration of the operation of a new boiler.

  • Post-install building control and warranty registration.

Extras available upon request:


   You are not sure what type of boiler you have!

- Click Here for Help  - or at your convenience, please forward us pictures of your existing boiler via WhatsApp: 07784176578 or e-mail:, and we will provide you with our expert advice on what is suitable for your specific requirements.

Combi Boiler Pack:

MAIN Eco Compact 30

-|- 5 Y/W -|- £1973.99

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